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Posted on 12/19/2011

Illinois accident lawyer for lumbar radiculopathy laminectomy procedures

lift nerve to remove the herniated disc or bone spurs
image laminectomy procedure lifting nerve to remove herniated disc
What is lumbar radiculopathy
: Radiculopathy is when you have something pressing on a nerve root in your low back region.

Causes of radiculopathy include:herniated disc, slipped disc or a pinched nerve. The lumbar or low back is the most common area to be injured post-accident or slip-and-fall. Nerve root problems are especially common in at L4-L5.

How does a car accident cause lumbar radiculopathy
A lumbar radiculopathy is when a nerve root is compressed in the lower part of your back. Cervical pressure is when the nerve root is compressed in your neck. The pressure can result from a Illinois car accident herniated disc or a slipped - pinched - bulging discs. This decompression surgery relieves the pressure on the nerve by removing the herniated bulging or slipped disc portions in your neck or low back that are pressing on your nerve.

If you need a laminectomy procedure due to a Illinois car accident, you should speak with a Illinois spinal injury lawyer today.  

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Back trauma

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