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CDC’s Online Brain Injury Training for Coaches Saves Life of Wrestler

Posted on Oct 23, 2011

ATTN: Parent, Coach, Educator, Teacher, Doctor -- This CDC webcast is a must watch to understand what the signs & symptoms of a Cook county head trauma, concussion, or traumatic brain injury are in Illinois and US.



Cullotta Law Offices' brain injury lawyers know the importance of everyone learning about the importance of identifying the signs and symptoms of a Cook county head trauma, brain injury, or dx: of a concussion, and post-concussive syndrome in Illinois. Josephine Cullotta is a greater Chicago personal injury law firm that is located 25-miles northeast of Chicago. The firm regularly handles brain injury and spine/spinal cord injury cases in Cook county, Illinois. In fact, 90% of the cases accepted by Cullotta Law Offices involve a traumatic brain injury, head trauma, spine/vertebra injury, and / or spinal cord injury. For more information about Josephine Cullotta or her Cook county law firm, Cullotta Law Offices, call 847-651-7191.


2011 - CDC's Traumatic Brain Injury Webcast Training 
discussed below by Cullotta Law Offices

    Ms. Cullotta's provided the above introduction to explain how every Illinois' injury lawyer, coach, teacher, parent, friend, doctor - MUST learn how important identifying the signs and symptoms are for a individual who sustained a IL brain injury or a head trauma. It is also a good example of why you should hire a lawyer who has successfully handled many Illinois brain injury cases. Successfully handled TBI cases - is the key - because after an concussion, a TBI survivor have decreased concentration, severe, headaches, speech problems, depression, anxiety, vision problems, hearing loss, difficulty concentrating, loss of memory, inability to read / write or balance a checkbook. Everyone around them should be able to understand and identify the signs and symptoms of a traumatic brain injury in IL. And, that you need only have one or more symptom, to have a brain injury - provided there is no other related history or dx.

    A new report published by the Centers for Disease Control demonstrates how traumatic brain injury education for coaches and trainers can save the lives of student athletes. The CDC offers a free online training that describes the signs of head injury to look for in young athletes. Knowledge of these signs can mean the difference between life and death for young athletes across the nation. 

    In addition to describing the signs of head injury, the CDC online Brain Injury training includes:

  1. teaches the importance of adequate rest following the trauma
  2. outlines the need for a concerted effort among educators, medical professionals, coaches, parents, and peers to show support for the victim following the injury
  3. offers tips for how to handle possible anger and frustration from the athlete when they are sidelined from participating in the sport

As a real life example of the importance of brain injury education,
the CDC report describes the experience of a young high school wrestler who suffered a concussion during practice. After visiting the local emergency room and receiving a head trauma diagnosis, he was instructed not to return to activity for at least a month. Instead, he ignored this advice and returned to practice after just one week. Fortunately for the young athlete, his coach had taken the CDC's online training and recognized that he was exhibiting signs of a brain injury. The coach removed the athlete from practice immediately and likely saved his life. Several months later, the boy is still recovering from his injury.

For more information on traumatic brain injury education, contact, Cullotta Law Offices, a experienced Chicago brain injury attorney at (847) 651-7191.

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Brain injury

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  • Driver had no past related medical history. Following a 2009 rear-end collision in Cook county, driver was diagnosed with a Chiari one malformation and needed decompression surgery to help relieve his symptoms (headaches, radiating pain) and decrease a build up of spinal cord fluid at base of his skull causing his symptoms.
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