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Travelling by car may be routine, but after Chicago auto accident, youThese injuries can require ongoing may suddenly be faced with medical bills, hospitalization, surgery, inability to work, painful rehabilitation for several months. Thus, it is important you consult with an IL car crash attorney as soon as brain injury Illinois law firm.

Head Trauma and Brain Injuries

A motor vehicle accident can cause many types of personal injuries. Head trauma, for example, can occur when the head hits the windshield, steering wheel, airbag or street and fractures their skull or suffers an injury to the brain that is not visible on an MRI. This rapid acceleration and deceleration is also known diffuse axonal brain injury that in can cause symptoms (blurred vision, hearing loss, memory and speech problems). The sudden unexpected force of the collision can cause post raumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or emotional cause the brain to move more slowly than the skull and forcefully hit the hard skull bone.

Anyone who experiences Illinois traumatic brain injury as a result of a brain injury car accident should speak with an auto accident attorney right away. The attorney should also be concentrated in brain injury litigation. Cullotta Law Offices specializes head trauma, brain injury, including bleeding and swelling of the brain or hemorrhage or hemotoma, PTSD, Chiari 1 malformation decompression, and other types of brain injury resulting from a vehicle.

A spine injury or vertebra injury may require a fusion. Spinal cord injuries are also common and can occur from a when there is excessive spinal cord pressure (or compression), spinal bruising (or contusion) or lacerations.

A spine or spinal cord injury can occur as a result of another person's negligence when you have been involved in a serious collision. Serious back trauma may require fusion of vertebra at one or more levels of your spine.

For example, you may undergo decompression surgery to relieve the buildup of cerebral spinal cord fluid at the base of your skull. Treatment of quadriplegia, paraplegia, or other spinal cord injuries may require surgery or 24 hour ongoing medical care as well as physical and occupational therapies. A rollover, or a roof collapse can cause a compression of the spinal cord, a slipped disc, herniated disc, buldging disc, coma like state.  This could require extensive stays at a hospital or rehabilitation facility (such as with Congresswoman Gifford). You may need multiple neck fusions caused. The crash itself can take a few seconds. The recovery on the other hand can last a lifetime.

If you, or a loved one, have suffered a spine injury, back trauma, compressed spinal cord, contact Cullotta Law Offices at 847-651-7191. We are located 25-mins from downtown Chicago. Our case evaluations are FREE.

Helping You Recover for Spinal Cord Injuries and Traumatic Brain Injuries

If you have lost time from work, have been hospitalized, suffered a permanent or temporary Illinois injury, then our Illinois injury law firm recommends you hire an attorney. Our firm cases is focused on spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries, however, we also have experience handling other types of serious injuries.

The Kind of Cases We Take

Approximately 85% of our clients have suffered a spine/spinal injury and or head trauma / brain injury in a Cook County Illinois. The way in which our clients were hurt varies, although most suffered their injury from a left hand turn accident (T-bone), rear end collision, and head-on collision, left hand turn accidents. Many of are clietns are in Glenview or surrounding suburbs and hurt traveling on busy roads like: Golf Road, Willow Rd, Milwaukee, I-294, St. Charles Rd., to name a few.

Though, it is important to remember that our practice is not restricted to any specific type of accident or any particular roadway. Instead, we genuinely only accept cases involving significant injuries allowing us the personal one-on-one attention to all our clients.

How to Contact a Leading Lawyer for More Information

Without an aggressive, honest and dedicated Chicago car accident attorney you may not be able to recover the damages that you deserve after suffering a head trauma in Illinois or spinal cord injury caused by a motor vehicle accident. The insurance agents want to minimize your recovery and want to make you believe that you can handle everything on your own. Feel free to email Josephine Cullotta - any time. Call Cullotta Law Offices at 847-651-7191 to schedule a no fee appointment to further discuss how we may be able to help you.

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