Cook County, Illinois Brain Injuries

Common Brain Injury Symptoms include one or more of the following: Brain swelling, severe headaches, loss of consciousness, hearing loss, dizziness, memory loss, confusion, cognitive problems, sensitivity to light, changes in personality after a IL Chicago car crash, fall or other type of head trauma. These and other symptoms may arise immediately after a crash or fall or within weeks after the trauma.

Common treatement recoverable as damages following an Illinosi brain injury may include: Ambulance, ER-visits, in-patient hospitalization, Xray MRI or CT, brain surgery, primary care office visits, out-patient rehabilitation, in-home nurse care, in or out patient physical therapy and or occupational therapy, neuropsychological testing, audiograms, cognitive therapy.

In some cases, treatment may last weeks or continue for months and even years after a traumatic brain injury. Paying for these treatments can be expensive. We can help patients recover all allowable damages following a brain injury car accident in Illinois.

In addition to treatment, recoverable damages are determined case-by-case. An IL Chicago car crash caused by someone else commonly include different past present and future recoverable damages (e.g., disability, disfgurement, time from lost from work, pain and suffering, loss of normal life).

If you sustained head trauma in an Illinois auto accident or from slip and fall - contact our brain injury law firm for more brain injury legal help in Illinois. We provide FREE case evalution and are paid on a contingency basis. Call 847-651-7191 to schedule a phone or in-person intiial confidential consultation today with attorney Josephine Cullotta - Cullotta Law Offices in Glenview IL.

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