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Our spinal injury Illinois law firm is focused on helping persons who suffered a vertebra injury or spinal cord injuries that often result in permanent disabilities. In the seconds that it takes for an accident to occur, you go from your current way of life to one that involves paralysis and typically requires hospitalization, lost time from work, and adapting to a new way of life. Approximately, 11,000 people suffer such an injury in the United States each year.*

Other spinal injury or back trauma injury may include a herniated disc or ruptured discs. Cervical fractures can also result in significant injuries and damages. Accident victims who suffer these injuries may require spinal fusion procedures, other surgeries and ongoing physical therapy as they adjust to the limitations of life after a serious back injury.

Types of Illinois Vertebra Injury Accidents

A spinal injury may be classified as a complete spinal cord injury or an incomplete spinal cord injury. As the terms suggest, an incomplete spinal cord injury occurs when you suffer a partial loss of movement or sensation and a complete spinal cord injury occurs when you can't feel or move anything below the injury site.

The range of spinal cord injuries varies depending on the location of the injury and the severity of the injury. For example:

  • Cervical Vertebrae Injury: Injuries to the cervical vertebrae, C1 -C7, are among the most serious types of spinal cord injuries. C1 - C4 are the highest spinal cord vertebrae in the neck. When they are injured, a person loses many involuntary functions such as the ability to breathe without assistance. Injuries to other cervical vertebrae can affect a person's ability to use his or her hand and wrist.
  • Thoracic Vertebrae Injury: back trauma to the thoracic vertebrae (T1 - T12) affect the body's trunk and legs. Injuries to this area of the spine can result in paraplegia (paralysis of the legs) or quadriplegia (paralysis of the arms, legs and sometimes the trunk).
  • Lumbar - Vertebrae Injury:The lumbar vertebrae (L1- L5_ start in the area of the 9th rib. Injuries to this area of the spinal cord can affect back movement. Additionally, these are the vertebrae that are most likely to bulge or herniate in an accident. Depending on which disc is herniated and what nerve it is affecting, an accident victim may experience disabling leg pain, tingling, weakness, and loss of bladder or bowel control.
  • Sacral - Spine Injury : The sacral spine vertebrae (S1 - S5) are the lowest part of the spinal cord, located near the hip bone. When injuries occur in this region, a person may suffer paralysis or reduced movement in the feet or in the leg area below the knee.

Other types of back injuries can also create significant pain and changes in lifestyles. For example:

  • Herniated Discs, Slipped Discs and Ruptured Discs: These injuries occur when the discs around the spine become injured. Herniated, slipped or ruptured discs can result in significant neck, back or leg pain, weakness, and numbness. Spinal fusion operations may be necessary.
  • Cervical Fractures or Broken Necks: A fracture or break in the neck bones can result in severe pain. Cervical fracture or broken neck injuries can require traction and surgery.

Recovery for Spinal Injury and Back Injuries

There are two common types of spinal cord and back trauma recoveries that are important to spinal cord injury and back injury patients and their families. The first type is the patient's physical recovery. After urgent medical needs are assessed and treated in the hospital, many patients continue to have ongoing treatment. Treatment often includes occupational therapy, physical therapy and medical treatment. The second type of recovery is financial. Spinal cord and back injury victims not only face ongoing and expensive medical costs, but also typically lose time from work. Some victims may be unable to return to work at all.

Cullotta Law Offices negotiates aggressively to achieve your recovery by settlement or jury and will not hesitate to go to trial to represent your interests. Our Chicago spinal cord injury lawyers will negotiate aggressively to achieve your recovery by settlement or jury. If a back or spinal cord injury causes you ongoing pain, a hospitalization, or time lost from work then you need an Chicago injury lawyer who is willing to fight hard for your financial recovery, call a Illinois vertebra injury lawyer at 847-651-7191.

*Source: Mayo Clinic, Spinal Cord Rehabilitation

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