Everything You Want to Know About Illinois Accident Lawyer Josephine Cullotta

Learn all about Chicago personal injury lawyer Josephine Cullotta's medical and legal experience by reading her biography. To learn more about Attorney Cullotta or The Cullotta Law Offices please contact us at 847-651-7191 or via our online contact form.

Attorney Josephine Cullotta has the passion to help seriously injured patients is what drove her to obtain a law degree. She attended Law School in Michigan and then returned to Illinois to work for a two prominent Chicago personal injury firms. She was also active in local and national brain injury organizations. After nearly a decade of working with injured patients and sports athletes, law school, and working at two Chicago law firms, Josephine Cullotta founded, Cullotta Law Offices. Today, nearly every case her law firm handles today, involves an Illinois accident with trauma to the person's head, brain, spine, neck, shoulder, and/or spinal cord. Josephine Cullotta's aggressive experience in these cases is one of the reasons she is routinely contacted by other personal injury law firms in Illinois and across the United States. "Her knowledge on brain injury and spinal injury cases in Illinois is extraordinary" according to a Guardian At Litem routinely appointed by Cook county Law Division Judges. Contact attorney Josephine Cullotta today for a free case evaluation about your potential Illinois injury case.

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