Illinois aggressive experienced medical, legal and trial attorneys in Cook county

All it takes is one accident to change your life. In a matter of seconds, you can suffer a major injury that results in hospitalization, surgery, lengthy rehabilitation and time lost from work.

If you are suffering from a serious Illinoi injury caused by someone else's wrongdoing or negligence, it is important you to talk to an aggressive Illinois attorney with medical, legal and jury trial experience.

Cullotta Law Offices specializes in brain and spine IL injury law.

Josephine CullottaUnlike other firms, the vast majority of Cullotta Law Offices' client's represented by attorney Josephine Cullotta were involved in a vehicle accident or slip and fall and suffered severe traumatic brain injury, paralysis, back trauma, neck fusion and or spinal cord injuries. Ms. Cullotta has experience handling multi-million dollar cases and settlements involving these types of cases in Cook county and throughout Illinois.

Illinois Injury Accident Attorneys Have The Legal & Medical Experience, Knowledge And Resources

  • We provide information to guide our Illinois injury clients through the legal steps of their injury claim,
  • Relieve them from the headaches of dealing with bills and insurance companies, make the critical decisions about what to do so they can focus on their recovery and treatment.
  • We rely on our medical and legal knowledge and resources to help our clients.
  • We work with many types of experts and/or consultants when needed to establish quantifiable proofs to present at trial or encourage desired settlements.
  • This is very important because the expert may require certain evidence and witness statements to calculate their proofs for settlement or at trial. For example, a vocational therapist may help determine if a client is able to return to work. An economist may assist in calculating future wage loss and other damages.
  • We select the expert. Expert we may use include: biomechanical engineers, neuropsychologists, vocational therapists, grief counselors, neuropsychologists, psychiatrists, neuro-ophthalmologists, physiatrist, neurosurgeons, neurologists, accident reconstructionists, mechanics,
  • We will aggressively advocate for your full and complete recovery. Our Chicago brain injury accident lawyers have seen first hand the consequences of Illinois slip and fall accidents and Illinois car wrecks.
  • We welcome your call if you've been seriously hurt anywhere in Illinois
  • Hiring a lawyer specialized in pedestrian deaths, spinal cord IL injury law and or a IL Chicago brain injury law firm that will ensure all necessary information and evidence in these types of injury lawsuits are obtained quickly and (if needed) protected by court order.
  • Once you settle an Illinois injury law claim, there is no going back. The above is why it is so critical that you speak with an attorney before talking to insurance companies or settling your personal injury claim.
  • Insurances companies know this and try to convince you to settle you claim with them BEFORE you hire a IL traumatic injury lawyer. For example, Allstate insurance has acknowledged that when a claim was handled by an attorney than without an attorney, it resulted in 3.5 times more money to the claimant who hired an attorney. This is why it is so critical that you speak with an attorney first. Contact attorney Josephine Cullotta in Glenview IL for a free consultation.

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